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Modular Homes

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What Are Modular Homes?

Modular homes, are somewhere in between manufactured homes and traditionally built houses; they’re built off site in sections, and they’re assembled on the property. These types of houses are great for those who want to save money and make hands-on decisions about size and style. Although a modular home is manufactured, it’s not the same thing as a “manufactured,” or “mobile,” home. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD),  modular homes are built to the same local, county, and state building codes as site-built homes. The primary benefits of modular construction over site-built is that modular has more stringent quality control. Every component of every home is manufactured in precisely the same way each time, and results of every process are inspected numerous times before the home leaves the factory. In addition, factory construction makes weather a non-issue. Because the home is built indoors, there’s no concern about weather-related damage or delays. Finally, modular homes are less expensive than site-built homes because volume discounts on materials and automated processes keep prices down. Modular homes are built offsite, in a controlled environment, to the same local, state, or regional codes that all conventional site homes are built to and include delivery to the site. They must be set and permanently affixed to a crawl space or basement foundation.

A Home with Personality

It’s your new home, so get exactly what you want. The custom options that come with modular homes are endless, flooring, cabinetry, siding, and much more. And you still save more money than if you were to build on-site.

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