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Frequently Asked Questions

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Manufactured homes and Modular homes are built off-site in a controlled environment where mother nature does not damage material. Manufactured homes are built on a steel frame to stay on that steel frame. Which they use to support the floor of the home. They are built to the federal code commonly known as HUD. Modular homes are built on the steel frame to come off that steel frame. Both can be built in multiple sections, then assembled on your property.

No. Manufactured homes are built following a set of standards as tough as those required for on-site home construction.

Manufactured homes cost less to build, because the factories can buy in bulk. Just because these homes cost less doesn’t mean they’re inferior quality – they’re just as safe and sturdy as traditional homes.

We are happy to assist you with financing a manufactured home with us. Please contact us.

Yes. Modular home construction typically takes less time than traditional on-site construction, which saves you construction costs. They’re also built in a factory, so mother nature does not stop the building process.

Yes. It is just as easy as finding a mortgage for a traditionally stick-built home.

Yes, we deliver our homes in MN, ND, and SD.

Manufactured Home and Modular Home all Depends on the size, 6- 14 weeks

  • Talk to your bank and see their requirements
  • Talk to us about what you want
  • Buy land
  • Get permits
  • Make sure the land is prepped for the home

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