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                                      Modular Homes Vs Manufactured Homes 

Modular Homes

These homes are built to meet or exceed the IBC building code   (International Building Code).  They are to be installed on a crawl space or a basement.  These homes are built in usually two sections or more and  moved to your site and put together to allow for fast move-in time.

Modular building has been ideal for those quality and time-conscious customers.  They also feature less money outlay that similar stick-built houses have.

Manufactured Homes

These homes are built to the HUD code (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development)  This code controls the way the house is constructed and its' efficiency for the heating, cooling and the electrical systems.

They are built on a steel chassis and come in one, two, three or four sections and are assembled on site.  They can go on footings, crawl space, or basement depending on how it is ordered.

Foot Note: Please remember a floor plan is just that. Modular floor plans can be built as manufactured and vise versa. 

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